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Welcome to Ocha

Bubble Tea & Dessert Cafe

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Our Journey


At Ocha, we are determined to serve our customers with delectable drinks and mouthwatering desserts made from the finest ingredients come with the wide selections of premium tea. 

We are the first dessert cafe in Iowa offering snow-like shaved ice, creatively inspired by popular regional shaved ice menus served across Asia like Bingsu (South Korea), Baobing (Taiwan), Kakikori (Japan), and Nam Kaeng Sai (Thailand). With state-of-the-art instant freeze technology combined with selected mixtures, our unique flavor combinations of fluffy shaved ice have been created.

To make a truly pleasurable snow-like shaved ice, you can definitely create your own designed recipe with combinations and toppings you love. New handcraft desserts collection is coming up and awaits for you to experience.


Something about us

Ocha (pronounced O-CHA) means "tea" in Japanese and "delicious" in Thai.

Variety of menus

Bubble Tea & Desserts

Here at Ocha, we have a wide variety of boba tea and desserts! Indulge in the sweetness and experience one of our classics. We have everything from classic tea, to smoothies, and even slushes. And don’t forget about the toppings! We want our customers to be able to make their own unique drink and/or dessert, so they can have exactly what they are craving.

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